Hi, I’m Sally, the Head Creative and founder of Cappataggle Creative. These are things about me which make me really good at design, and great at serving my clients.

I grew up wanting to be an artist. I was always drawing, sketching, and deconstructing the world. I never stop studying the newest design and typography trends, and staying on top of the ways to communicate via design on the web.

However, I was convinced to be practical and got a B.S. in Psychology and and M.Ed. I worked in universities for 20 years before coming back to my original passion. This makes me very adept at communicating, understanding, and asking the right questions.

After leaving higher ed, I founded a very successful Internet business while honing my design and coding skills. I have also developed brick and mortar businesses, and further online ventures. I understand the needs and mindset of the small business owner, as well as their potential customers.

See that photo behind? That’s the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. I grew up there. That makes me a Valley Girl, even though I currently live in London, U.K.. Like totally, for sure. What does that have to do with anything? Nothing at all, but I like the photo.

I spend all my free time writing, so I’m always looking for ways to communicate, whether it be through design, stories, or technology.