Career coaching for late Millennials and leading Gen Z grads.

The mission for undergraduate and graduate students is more than just finding that first job. Your mission is to learn how to leverage the knowledge, skills, and experiences you acquired in college and turn those assets into real value over the course of your career. Learning these skills early on can lead to mastery of your career path and serve you for years to come.

We provide the right strategy at the right time. Early career counselling for current students sets the foundation for getting a job out of college, and working with recent graduates is our specialty. We have real-life business experience and understand what businesses expect of recent graduates. We leverage this experience with over 15 years individual work with students to help you maximise your potential.

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The Story of You

You may think you know you like a book, but how well can you communicate all the essential pieces to prospective employers? We will help you sort through the essentials and frame them to line up with with what employers want to know.

Resume and CV

Not as formulaic as most people think!
The first step in any job search, and without a great one you won’t get any further. Writing a stand-out resume /CV is a communication skill that will serve you a lifetime if you learn the way to do it well.

Cover Letters

While the resume details your essential skills, experiences, and education, the cover letter is what bridges the divide between the resume and job description. We help you figure out how to make those links so recruiters take a second look.


We help you design a job search strategy, identify clear job targets and a networking action plan. Learn how to optimize LinkedIn and other social media platforms for greater results.


Every interview counts. As prepared as you may think you are, there are always blind spots. We help identify those areas that need further preparation so you can walk into any interview feeling confident.


Communication at all levels of a job search process is important. We can help answer any questions about follow-ups, enquiries, or social media communication needs.


Although I had a career centre at my uni, I felt like I was getting scripted information, like they didn't really focus on me. Working with Sally really helped me think through the issues that were most important to me and my future when thinking about the first steps I would take in my career.
Caroline, University of Bristol

I worked with Sally on my US College applications, and had such a great relationship with her that we just continued to strategy for internships and later jobs out of college. I've worked with her over 7 years now, and will go back again if (when) I change jobs again!
Genji, NYU, working in London
As an American seeking employment in the UK, Sally's insight was invaluable to my job search process. She deeply understands the subtle differences in communication patterns and norms, and helped me craft my work story in a way that spoke to a broader audience.
Jason, Brown University '15, Credit Suisse
I found getting my first job out of college relatively easy. However, after finishing graduate studies I felt suddenly stuck, and the resources were not as strong for helping me move forward. Working with Sally helped me develop a real plan which led to a great position.
Miguel, B.A., M.Ed.

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